Know these activities that can boost your toddler’s creativity in a nursery school

People often think creativity is an internal talent that a child is either born with or not. But what they don’t know is the fact that creativity is a skill that parents can assist their kids develop. Be it a nursery for toddlers or a home environment, a creative environment can make your child more alert, happier, and better at solving problems. You don’t necessarily have to push your child to become an artist or a writer in order to hone their imagination. Creativity is more to do with expanding thinking than deciding your child’s career in a creative field. Here are some activities that can help you inculcate creative thinking in your toddler’s life and boost his/her creativity.

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Sensory Play

Toddlers are sensory learners, who learn a great deal through touch, feel, smell, and taste. Creating a sensory play environment with household or other objects can be a great way to introduce your toddler to imaginative play. Kids can learn about shapes, colors, emotions, and a range of other things by engaging is sensory play activities.

Movement and Dance

Adding a little bit of physical activity in your toddler’s day-to-day life can make him/her fit and happy. Not just that, movement and dance requires a lot of imagination and by pushing your kids to explore body, objects, and space with movement can open up their mind to a lot of creative thinking.

Art It Out

When it comes to art, messy is good. Don’t restrict your child’s enthusiasm by keeping them away from colors and paints. Find a space in your house or outside where the child can engage with colors freely. Colors have a strong influence on a child’s imagination. Introducing them to art and crafts at an early age can boost their inclination towards creativity tremendously.

Explore New Languages

Kids pick up languages a lot faster than adults. Exposing your kids to different languages at a young age can help with rapid brain development. Additionally, it can also develop their sense of sound and tone.

Encourage Questions

Curiosity kills the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. When it comes to your toddler, curiosity drives learning. Introduce your kids to the idea of asking questions that can broaden their thinking. Start by asking them questions yourselves – “what if the moon was a square? What if there was no air in a balloon?” While these questions might seem trivial to you, they can spark a different way of thinking in your kids.